Have you ever been to Belize?

Dem Dats Doin is for Sale



A Timely Investment in Your Future!
The Toledo District has Yet to be Discovered...


15.5 ACRES in virtual jungle with an all year creek running through bush teeming with activity.

4.5 ACRES of multi colored foliage & ornaments; over 95 exotic tasting fruits; numerous fragrant flowering trees and shrubs; high value forest trees from allspice to zericote.


TOTAL twenty (20) acres of natural flora & fauna.

INCLUDES a two-story wooden house (30x40) built with tropical soft & Hardwood lumber, upstairs living quarters with a B & B unit; downstars entertainment & work areas.

THE SELF SUFFICIENCY systems are all operational - solor energy, bio gas, water, fish ponds, nursery, security (3 dogs, 1 cat), & tourism. The exportation of tropical seeds from DDD provides a sustainable income. Our extensive library, tools & other equipment are included in the sale price. All you need are clothes - ready to move in.

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Asking $175,000 U.S.


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